[v1.19.0517] May 17th, 2019

* New – Right-Click in Callable Roster to hide/show controls
* New – Decode History can be exported at midnight (00:00 GMT) in Settings->General
* Update – Callable Roster layout prettified
* Update – Decode history graph now by band
* Update – Decode traffic in Menu now optional in Settings->General
* Update – Custom Callsign alert no longer requires grid (Thanks G8PGO)
* Update – Custom Alert QRZ (someone calling you) returned (Thanks DK5OK)
* Fixed – Under certain conditions LoTW database not updating
* Fixed – Window positioning save/restore (Thanks DL9GTB)
— If you close a window that is partially off-screen it will reset to center on open
— This logic is here should you remove a 2nd/3rd monitor and forget to move windows
* Fixed – Conditions Window sizing issue