[v1.20.0510] May 10th, 2020
* New - Callsign Lookups 
	Shows worked/confirmed status on all bands/modes if found in logbook
	Shows most recent QSO with timestamp if found in logbook
* New - Callable Roster - Callsign regular expressions (Regex)
    When enabled, enter a regular expression to mask or allow only certain callsigns to appear
	provided that all the other "Wanted" and "Exceptions" are met
		^J[A-Z][5]   would show only callsigns starting with  J [ A through Z] and 5 plus rest of call    
		^KA[15]   would show only callsigns starting with  KA1 and KA5
		^W[6-9]   would show only callsigns starting with  W6 through W9
		You can add more tests with |
		^KA9|^J[A-Z][7] would show only KA9xxx calls and JA7 through JZ7 
		More advanced options available
			^K[FG][1][AB] would show the following:
				KF1A, KF1B, KG1A, KG1B
		The full regex that is available in Javascript, is available to you!
		^ means from beginning of callsign.  
		you can leave out the ^ at the start to test anywhere in the callsign
			F9 would show any callsign that has "F9" in it:
				KF9RT, EF9AB, F9XYZ 
		A real-world example would be to hunt for only 1x1 callsigns
		$ means end of callsign. So only calls like K2H would show
		Going further
				Would show 1x1's and 1x1/something like:
				K2K, K2H/REN 
			You can also do it with a more advanced expression:
			Only stations who are maritime mobile:
	Visit https://regex101.com/?flavor=javascript 
		for a great online tool to help you discover the power of regular expressions!
* New - Alerts - Custom alerts - Callsign regular expressions (Regex)
	Same as above
* New - Messaging - Call search box (finally!) and station count
	Search accepts regular expressions too
* New - Messaging - Band and Mode toggles
	When band/mode are clicked it will toggle from "All" to current Band/Mode in the active WSJT-X instance

* New - Messaging -> Right-click callsign in station list performs lookup
* Update - U.S. Callsigns now stored in a real database instead of ram
	Reduces memory usage (and now Raspberry Pi3 users can enable it without crashing)
	Pi3 users take note: Once enabled it will take some time for it to create the database (a couple minutes)
* Update - Settings -> Map -> "Grid Decay Rate" is now "Live Grid Decay" in minute units up to 24 hours

* Update - Callable Roster -  1x1 highlighting now includes 1x1's with /  like  K2H/MON (thanks regex!)

* Update - Callable Roster - Uses LoTW 
	When you've enabled the LoTW membership database, you can select a timeframe for their last upload
	If the timeframe from their last upload to LoTW is greater than your accepted range, 
	the green checkmark will turn into a yellow "?" and when you mouse-over it will tell you how longs its been

* Update - Nexrad radar overlay (Hotkey Zero(0)) now includes Canada, Cuba and Northern Mexico

* Update - All Grid Overlay (Hotkey B) -> Reduced line weights and text boldness

* Fix - QRZ paths from stations getting cleared too soon

* We've flattened the curve, keep it up!
	Stay home, be safe, work more grids. 

Mac users: Be sure to give GridTracker access to the Documents folder. It can’t run otherwise