[v1.20.0806] August 6th, 2020

 General, Lookup and Log settings may have reset in this release!
 Confirm *ALL* of your settings before operating!!!

	If "Settings -> Lookups -> Add Lookup Data to QSO Log Event" is enabled
		Add additional 2 or more characters from Lookup grid to Log grid if present
			eg1:  QSO == DM79  : Lookup == DM79rt : Log = DM79rt
			eg2:  QSO == FN20  : Lookup == CM45al : Log = FN20
	New Settings "Add Lookup Grid if QSO Grid missing"
		If QSO Log record is missing grid then use the Lookup grid (default disabled)
		(exercise caution using this feature, the wrong grid is worse than no grid)

"Map View Panel" and "Logbook Tab"
	Band and Mode Selectors
		"All" option renamed to "Mixed"
	Mode Selector
		Added "Digital" "Phone" option

	Fixed map zoom-out issue
	Moved [Callable Roster] button down with other buttons
	Moved mute button from audio settings back to main button panel 
		(by popular demand)

ADIF logs
	Properly recognize and display VUCC_GRIDS fields
Award Layers
	AMSAT GridMaster Award
		New "GMA" layer (Hotkey J)

Award Layers
	Fred Fish Memorial Award
		New "FFMA" layer (Hotkey 8)


Main App
	Fixed user-defined App and User Data(~Documents\GridTracker) 
		folder from not saving to disk on exit
	Fixed issue If "Open Lookup On Transmit" enabled where Lookup Window opened on calling CQ
	New Feature
		If "Open Lookup On Transmit" enabled
			option to "Close Lookup Window After Logging" default enabled
			(It won't close if you've changed the lookup to another call during your QSO)


Raspberry Pi/ARM
	Updated core engine
	Shadows in the "Callable Roster" now work

Band Activity Pop-out
	Now works on Mac!
	"Open Lookup On Transmit" behavior fixed!
WSJT-X v2.2.2 compatibility
	This corrects the QSX path issue where they would disappear too fast
	Fixed the pause on animation between decode rounds

Callable Roster
	CQ ignores... just like the Callsign and DXCC ignore
	Right click a station calling "CQ DX", "CQ US", "CQ JA" ... and you can select to:
		"Ignore CQ from All" 
		  (CR will ignore any world-wide station calling "CQ DX")
		"Ignore CQ from DXCC" 
		  (CR will ignore any station from the DXCC of the station calling "CQ DX")

	All table rows now highlight on mouseover for easy viewing

English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish flags per DXCC code
	They were all the "UK" flag in error

Off-Air Message Service (OAMS) formerly known as "Messaging"
	Messaging now shared with Log4OM users
	Font size increased for easier viewing
	Separated list of previous messages window at lower right with the option to clear
	List of callsigns improved as we are growing in numbers, 650+ at peak!
	Map and RX Spots setting tabs now transparent
	Fixed Audio -> QSO Log Event Notification not showing selected media file

Main right-hand controls
	"Button Array" icon order updated
	"Callable Roster" now its own panel button
	New "Open Lookup Window" button (Eye)
	Removed irrelevant data items in the "Stats Quick View" panel
	Legend button (the cyan key) moved to Settings -> Map
	Audio Mute button moved to Settings -> Audio
	"QSO/Live View" panel renamed to "Map View"
	Moved "QSO/Live" button into "Map View" panel and now labeled properly
All "action buttons"
	Replaced old grey buttons with proper styled buttons to match rest of GT theme

Map Engine
	Speed and Memory usage improved
	Map no longer allows you to go past the north and south poles
	Now in own window
	"DX Call" population will cause a lookup
	"Lookup Callsign on Tx Enable" has been renamed "Open Lookup On Transmit" 
	New Option "Add Lookup Data to QSO Log Event" default enabled
		The following fields are looked for and added to the ADIF record
	US Callsign database now read in segments
		Reduced memory usage and will now work on Raspberry Pi 3
PSK-Reporter Band Activity
	Right-click to toggle popup of a moveable copy of the graph
		Hold Left-Click on copy to move it around
		Tooltips do not function in the copy
		The position is not saved across app starts 
			(limitation of window style)