*Attention Fedora 28 Users*

Richard Shaw / KF5OIM and Heimir Sverrisson /  W1ANT have reported an issue where GridTracker would not start up on Fedora 28.  Until I can get an official build update as I am still in transition from Colorado to Oregon, please use this temporary build.

It will notify you when a new update is available so it is safe to use.

GridTracker – Linux 64 – tar.gz – 1.18.0604-Fed28

*Attention JT-Alert Users*

For GridTracker to co-exist with JT-Alert the following steps must be taken.

You will need to download the latest version of JT-Alert from their website.

Go into JT-Alert Settings -> WSJT-X -> and enable UDP Rebroadcast to the default PORT listed

In GridTracker , open Settings -> General -> and enter the PORT as found in JT-Alert.

Double check that the PORT numbers match!

Update: June 4th, 2018

  • Fixed QSO Log event not working! (Thanks *EVERYONE*)
  • Fixed HRDLOG.net login uppercase issue (Thanks to ZL1RPL)


Now that Tag is taking some time off, I’ll be catching up on the documentation.  Lots of new features and changes since the last revision, so it may take a bit to get everything in, and correct.

In the meantime, the latest version of the docs posted covers all core features, and only small changes to the functionality may be present in the description and the current release.