[v1.19.0817] August 17th, 2019

* New – Callable Roster “Spot” column added to right-click menu
— Reports time station heard you via PSK-Reporter RX Spots (QSN)
— Thanks to Byron WE4SEL
* Update – Added 2m to Band Activity
* Update – QSO/Live view Band and Mode selectors show program name next to Auto
— “Auto (WJST-X)” / “Auto (MSHV)”
* Update – Added extra info processing to N3FJP ACLog QSO event
* Update – Call Roster “CQ Only” exception will now show stations calling you
— The rest of the exceptions apply including ignores
— WSJT-X/JTDX actively deny QSO reply to stations calling you
— Only stations calling “CQ” “CQDX” or “QRZ” may be replied to by 3rd party applications