[v1.20.0302] March 2nd, 2020
* New - Map Settings -> "Auto Night Map"
	When enabled, the "Night Map" selected will be used when your QTH is inside the Greyline
* New - Custom Alert - New repeat option "Until Exit"
	Custom alert will alert for the duration of the session or until deleted
	The alert will not be saved to disk

* New - Map -> Settings -> 'QRZ Missing Grid DXCC Fallback'
	If a station calling you is missing a grid and this is enabled, 
	the stations DXCC shape will highlight and a path will be drawn to your QTH from its center
	Default is disabled
	Note: If the station is portable, mobile, maritime mobile, the DXCC of the station is used
* New - Callable Roster - New cell state when Callsigns -> "All Traffic**" and Hunting -> "New+Unconfirmed"
	Unconfirmed fields will have a border color instead of inverted colors
	Needed will still have inverted color
	Worked Callsigns will still have a -strikeout-

* Fixed - Callable Roster - DX Call pulsing causing the columns to shift right 1-2 pixels

* Update - Callable Roster - Life column max age now set to CR Max Age setting

* Update - Callable Roster - Hide/Show controls persistent across sessions

* Update - Callable Roster - 1x1 shimmer more obvious

* Update - Memory usage reduced

Mac users: Be sure to give GridTracker access to the Documents folder. It can’t run otherwise