Notice:  We’re looking for testers! We are in the beginning stages of shared decodes and need some more signals. Care to join us on our discord server https://discord.gg/4j3XGky and we can give you the beta patch? Thanks! -Tag

Update: May 22nd, 2018

  • Fixed issue when switching QSO/Live/Both where Live grids would turn “QRZ” color
  • Fixed issue of cleared callsigns on band-change
  • Fixed missed alert issues for map center
  • Fixed issue with live pins not showing up correctly in cases where the MH4/6 match a QSO pin MH4/6
  • Fixed Trophy overlays to track visible grids, avoiding confusion.
  • Added Multi-instance support (launch with “–rig-name=” with the same name as WSJT-X config name)
  • Added app branding on startup
  • Added new QSO fields provided by WSJT-X QSO log event
  • Note: Multi-instance is mutually exclusive from stand-alone.
    – If you run WSJT-X with rig-names then you should run GridTracker with rig-names.


Note:  For Linux users who are getting a black screen starting up, you need to delete the ~/.config/GridTracker directory, then try again.

Now that Tag is taking some time off, I’ll be catching up on the documentation.  Lots of new features and changes since the last revision, so it may take a bit to get everything in, and correct.

In the meantime, the latest version of the docs posted covers all core features, and only small changes to the functionality may be present in the description and the current release.