Update – December 8th, 2018
  • Converted map system to OpenLayers
  • Offline Toner map by Stamen usable in Online mode (bandwidth saver)
  • Maps, Maps and More Maps
  • Path color slider
  • Shadow darkness slider
  • Zoom level saved across sessions
  • Fixed CQ prefix lookup to geoemetry
  • Fixed startup lockup (thanks to no more Google Maps)
  • Fixed shape errors in CQ and ITU Award layers
  • Fixed shape error in Japan object
  • Many many changes coming, including intiate QSO!
  • Note for Mac users:
    – Retina displays can cause serious lag if window size is too large
    – Avoid fullscreen and huge layout if you want to save cpu for now
*Attention JT-Alert Users*

For GridTracker to co-exist with JT-Alert the following steps must be taken.

You will need to download the latest version of JT-Alert from their website.

Go into JT-Alert Settings -> WSJT-X -> and enable UDP Rebroadcast to the default PORT listed

In GridTracker , open Settings -> General -> and enter the PORT as found in JT-Alert.

Double check that the PORT numbers match!