[v1.20.0116] January 16th, 2020
* New - Hotkey "X" as in X-marks-the-spot will toggle "Lat/Long Distance Azimuth Grid" info on the top left of the map area

* Update - Award Layers and Stats->Awards no longer dependent on "QSO/Live" grid view button
Worked and Confirmed from log data will always be shown based on the "QSO/Live View" Band and Mode selectors

* Update - Lighting Alert Popup removed and now sent to the text area below the buttons

* Update - Custom Alert Popup cleared on Band/Mode change

* Update - Callable Roster external script "working directory" now set to "~Documents/GridTracker/scripts/"

* Update - Callable Roster external script json data now contains every entry that is visible in the CR
To know what is a new alert, check each callsign record for "alerted == false" and "shouldAlert == true"
Any record that has "alerted == true" has been sent to your script already or was previously alerted before the script was enabled
The script will only be called if CR mode Realtime is disabled
Changing any criteria: "reference", "callsigns", "hunting", "wanted" etc.. will result in an immediate alert if any new conditions are met
You must open the CR once to start alert script support, but if closed, script alerts will continue as long as "cr-alert.(bat/sh)" exists
Hotkey "-" (minus / dash) will toggle calling the script even if present

* Update - Callable Roster external script json added "dxccName" field and "reason" array

* Update - Removed Decode History Graph
This was consuming way too many resources for the little use it provides (200mb+!)