Special Note: eQSL.cc ADIF files are not ADIF compliant, they will not load correctly in to GridTracker without an update (the fields are incorrect/missing and can screw up previously loaded QSO/QSL data from other sources).

[v1.10.0415] April 15th, 2019

* New – ClubLog Uploading of QSOs (Enable in Settings->Logging) (Thanks G7VJR)
* New – Frequency Offset of live traffic in table views (Thanks KE0UL & AG7PL)
* New – Your DXCC and Round-Up exceptions in Callable Roster
* New – Uses LoTW and Uses eQSL exceptions in Callable Roster (Thanks K4XB)
* New – Hunting Needed/Unconfirmed US States in Callable Roster (WAS Award)
* New – Map: Watercolor by Stamen
* New – Map: Humanitarian by OpenStreetMap
* New – Map: Dark Gray by Esri
* New – Map: Light Gray by Esri
* Fixed – QSO/QSL without grid not recognized as worked/confirmed (Thanks K5CKS)
* Fixed – Call roster list not showing scrollbar (Thanks K5CKS)
* Fixed – Chat system sessions now resume when user returns
* Fixed – MH6 grids mouseovers not working for months
* Fixed – Multiple Log loading overlay issues
* Update – LoTW now downloads only QSLs as some information is missing(Grids,Reports,Comments)
* Update – GT Flags all the same, regardless of worked status
* Update – Grid borders softend to make display less busy
* Update – Paths no longer animated, circle indicates TX source (No CPU load!)
* TODO – Revisit Alerts; add US States and other things that make you happy