[v1.19.0615] June 15th, 2019

* New – Call Roster Settings Tab
* New – Call Roster Setting -> Audio Alert On New Hits
(Thanks Andy(Dad) KE0UL and Phil VK1HX)
* New – QSO upload retries on network failure
(Thanks James KI5BFQ)
* Fixed – LotW Mode:MFSK Submode:FT4 issue when displaying Mode:FT4
(Thanks Teemu OH3FVP)
* Fixed – US Counties not being recognized correctly
(Thanks Andy(Dad) KE0UL)
* Fixed – Special Characters in lookup passwords not encoded correctly
(Thanks Peter G7HRB)
* Update – Custom Alerts will fire regardless of worked before status
(Thanks Rory K5CKS)
* Update – Moved Call Roster Max Age setting into Call Roster Settings Tab
* Update – DX Call highlighting in Menu Decode Waterfall