Known issue with v1.20.0211: Path to your QRZ from calling station no longer displayed, fix in next release

Mac users: Be sure to give GridTracker access to the Documents folder. It can’t run otherwise


[v1.20.0211] February 11th, 2020
* New - Multiple Instances of WSJT-X/JTDX support across GT and CR
FlexRadio users will enjoy this one for sure!
Tested with two copies of WSJT-X using --rig-name ( IC-7300 and Airspy HF+ )
If using multiple WSJT-X on different machines --rig-name's MUST be unique or there will be conflicts
New colums will appear in the CR for each Band and Mode of each instance
New Settings->Call Roster options for Multiple Instances
"On QSO Reply - Halt TX On All Other Instances"
"On QSO Reply - Switch View To Transmitting Instance"
These options only appear if you have more than one instance of WSJT-X/JTDX running

* New - Nine additional map styles including City Lights by NASA

* New - Callable Roster - script status display if script is present

* New - 'CQ' Highlighting toggle in Settings->Map
You can now disable Primary Prefix/US State/Continent "CQ" border highlights

* New - Hotkey Ø - Toggle US Nexrad Weather Overlay
Updated every 5 minutes
If you are bummed that there's no Nexrad for your country, all I need is their (if it exists)
Web Map Service (WMS) Meteorological Layers Server location and any supporting API documentation.

* New - Callable Roster - 1x1 callsign "shimmer"
When a special 1x1 callsign appears in the CR, the callsign will change colors slowly to indicate it's rare and you should go work it

* Update - Callable Roster - Removed [Enable TX] and [Halt TX] buttons
Since we now support multiple instances of WSJT-X, these buttons do not make sense for now
Use the [Enable TX] and [Halt TX] buttons in WSJT-X

* Update - (Decode Traffic Waterfall) now only shows decodes which fired an "Audio Alert" or "Custom Alert"
Reduces clutter and when using multiple instances of WSJT-X there's just way to much data flying by

* Update - Removed "Grids", "LCD", "Clear Paths" and "Clear All" from mini-stats in right panel to reclaim space

* Update - Statistics - Removed "LCDs" tab
Doesn't seem important enough to dedicated a tab to it

* Update - Statistics - Minimum window width now 700 pixels

* Update - Map list now sorted alphabetically

* Update - Fit Map To QRZ zoom improved
The zoom should now give enough margin around each of the grids to be fully visible