Special Note 

GridTracker does not manipulate log entries or add details.  This is the job of logging software and services such as LoTW and QRZ.com.  Since WSJT-X QSO entries do not contain US State information, I detect the state based on the US Callsign database (ULS) information.  I could detect by grid , as I have this information but a grid can belong to more than one state. So it’s hard to know which one is the correct state for the QSO which is why I defer to ULS. 

If anyone has opinions on how to reliable detect the state from the grid  please shoot me an email.

Example: Fm29  belongs to Delaware,  Virginia,  New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  If you have a QSO in wsjt-x with grid FM29.  Did you work all 4 states?   

If the answer is to do a callsign lookup to a callsign service like QRZ.com, then when the Caller is in DM86 but lives in FN20 and QRZ.com lookup returns Grid : FN20 and State : New Jersey, do we say the QSO was in New Jersey? But since DM86 is in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, which state did we work?


[v1.19.0712] July 12th, 2019

* New – DXLab DXKeeper QSO logging (Thanks Dave AA6YQ)
* New – F11 Hotkey Fullscreen toggle
* New – F12 Hotkey Sidebar Menu toggle
* New – Logging notifications in Decode Waterfall
* Update – Fullscreen entire window, not just map
* Update – Minimum size updated to (650×665)
* Update – Hotkey F5 will center on home grid in addition to Hotkey Z
* Fixed – Stat tabs not showing correctly