GridTracker gets more social, sorta…

Today’s release, March 30th;  includes the ability to share your On-Air status with other GridTracker users.


     If you opt-in, by navigating to Settings and selecting the “Share On-Air Status?” button.
GridTracker will report every 5 minutes minutes your Callsign, Gridsquare, Frequency and Mode back to


On the Menu is an option to “View GridTracker Users”, if you toggle it you will see all the stations that have chosen to share their On-Air status.
The data is refreshed every 5 minutes.


The information is only used for GridTracker, we will not *ever* sell, loan or give the data to a 3rd party. (we’re not Facebook)


If you do not want to share your On-Air status, simply leave the button unchecked.


You will still be able to view those that do.



Log downloading and more!

A new build is here!


Log loading from eQSL,, Logbook of the World and ClubLog.


Ability to style Google maps as you can with offline maps.


Callsign QSO (worked) / QSL (confirmed) Exclusion options with alerts, you won’t get an alert if you’ve worked/confirmed them before. The default settings are QSO allowed to alert, QSL not allowed. Change to your liking in Alert Settings.  For QSO exclusions to work, you must load an ADIF log file which contains QSL confirmed values ( LoTW, etc.. ).


Loaded QSO/QSL grids may fade out, but remain in a black border box, this keeps the callsigns within around for  Worked/Confirmed checking in alerts.  If you “clear callsigns” or “clear all” , we will lose the record of any QSO/QSL callsign, so be aware.


I did a general cleanup of how things start up, I’m very happy with the results.


You may notice in the new version that log downloading only works in online map mode, this is intentional as the UI could/would lock up if you’re truly offline.


I will be adding N1MM Logging of QSO’s after this next release, WSJT-X’s latest RC has support for this, so if you have it enabled in GridTracker and in the new WSJT-X, I will disable it in GridTracker. ( no sense both of us  logging the same data 🙂 )



Offline maps are here!

Well that didn’t take long…


For all you DX-peditioners out there or for those of you who enjoy going off-grid (pun intended,)  offline maps are now included with GridTracker!


I’ve included some cool map manipulation settings, so play around and get that map view you really like.


There are a couple of limitations with Offline maps that will hopefully be resolved as the map engine is improved by its developers, namely direction chevrons on paths are missing and sun shadow looks weird.


A new version is out!

We’ve been really busy with this release, I hope you’ll be pleased.

There’s been a lot of discussion on various sites about JTAlert and GridTracker not working well together.  I have tried as many things as I can think of to make JTAlert happy but it’s just not happening.  What we need is multicast UDP  support and as I understand it, JTAlert v3 will have it.  Until that is released , we’re kind of stuck with working together.

The latest Release Candidate of WSTJ-X (wsjtx-1.9.0-rc2) has introduced a separate N1MM UDP Logger+ Broadcasts config options in reporting for logging QSO’s, this may be a workaround for now (I have not tested it yet).

Cheers and I hope you enjoy the program!