GridTracker gets overlays and more…

We’re now a full featured Grid tracker and Log viewer with the addition of CQ/ITU/WAC/WAS overlays.  A lot of improvements to message handling and DXCC detection make for a more useful tool.

Henry(N2VFL) is working his tail off trying to get the documentation up to date (I have been moving too fast for him to keep up). We are  anxiously waiting for him to go take his General exam as well!

We have put our house up for sale here in the Denver area and looking forward to our move to Oregon.  I am putting development on hold until we get out there.  If there are any pressing issues they will be addressed, just no new features for a couple months.

Thank you all for the kind messages and sharing your status online, it’s been fascinating to see all the new GT Flags show up on the map.

We’re a little over 4 months into the project and I think we’ve made some serious progress.

As always we welcome new ideas and suggestions for improvements.

Meet us on our Discord server!


-Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis  / N0TTL


8 thoughts on “GridTracker gets overlays and more…”

  1. Just downloaded the new version. When I open it, all I get is the map, no side bar. I have not be able to figure out how to get the side bar. What to I need to do?

    1. Richard,

      Try uninstalling it with the MS Windows ‘uninstaller’.
      Reinstall as administrator in default directory.
      Launch the application.

      73, Rich, K3VAT

  2. Great software!
    I just download and try to start.
    UDP messages is “red”
    No message
    I checked “multicast” IP address is
    Port 2237
    What should I change?

    1. Check in WSJT-X and make sure that reporting over UDP is turned on and you have the same ip address and port set there as in GridTracker.

  3. I have been using GridTracker on my Mac for a few weeks. Great program. Just last week I opened it and it just shows the regular window with nothing but black. Any input on this? Thanks.

  4. Tnx so much for this great software. I would like to see lines time decaying by color. And a way to show 2nd party QSOs (those you only receive the locator of one side).

    This could be done by having a user file with callsigns plus locator.

    These features would be especially helpful on higher HF frequencies and 6m, since propagation there is most selective and changing.

    KO1DX has some really good ideas here:

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