So that was easy… GridTracker on the Pi!!

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I gave it a quick check and sure enough…

On the Pi3 with the latest Raspian image , GridTracker is functional!

MP3 based audio alerts are working!

Text-to-speech is not working as of now, I will be adding support for ‘festival’ tts engine soon


8 thoughts on “So that was easy… GridTracker on the Pi!!”

  1. I didn´t succeed to install software to my Raspberry even I have latest Rasbian version. Is there something concernig software architecture I must consider? It seems to me that 32 bit version is using i386 and 64 bit version use amd64 architecture. When I try to execute GridTracker I get message: cannot execute binary file….

    1. Did you download the ARM tar.gz? You will need it

      Also, you cannot run from file manager from the desktop
      you must run it from shell ( for now ) ./GridTracker

      What version of Pi do you have? 2, 3?

      1. I am trying to execute GridTracker from command line:

        pi@RasPI-Bwifi:/usr/bin $ GridTracker
        -bash: /usr/bin/GridTracker: cannot execute binary file: Käynnistettävän tiedoston muoto virheellinen
        (in English: Erroneous file format)

        My PI is version 3B (with wifi) and os is Rasbian Stretch.

        pi@RasPI-Bwifi:/usr/bin $ uname -a
        Linux RasPI-Bwifi 4.9.59-v7+ #1047 SMP Sun Oct 29 12:19:23 GMT 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

      2. How You installed GridTracker?
        I did it using: sudo dpkg -i GridTracker_Ubuntu_Debian_32_1.18.0318.deb. I wonder if there is some issues with Stretch using i386 packages.

      3. Prpblem solved! I have used wrong package during install. Debian package was wrong choice. When I used ARM version I finally succeed to execute software.

      4. Pena

        I am also trying to run on a Raspberry Pi 3. Downloaded the ARM version and did a sudo tar -xvzf GridTracker-Linux-Arm-1.18.0406.tar.gz
        It found itself in the .wsjtx directory.
        I did a ./GridTracker and got a NW. JS v0.27.6 node v9.30 Chromioum 63.0.3239.132 with a commit hash number.

        I did run the OSX version on my iMac and like it. Want to put it on the Pi which is my main FT8 QRP computer


        1. Have you done a yum upgrade ? Henry and I both have pi3s and it works great.

          I do have to ask, why did you sudo the tar ?

          Do not run or unpack gridtracker as root.

        2. Also, tar will unpack GridTracker wherever you untarred it. It does not move to a directory.

          If it ended up in .wsjtx, that’s because you untarred it there.

          Try untarring from commandline or desktop into your Downloads folder.. then cd GridTracker and ./GridTracker

          Do NOT do any of these steps as ‘root’ or using sudo, there is no need and can cause issues.


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