SDR# Plugins

Here are two free SDR# (SDRSharp) plugins.

> OmniRig Sync panadapter plugin <

This plugin can synchronize SDR# Frequency and/or Mode with another Transceiver via OmniRig.

This enables panadapter functionality familiar to the amateur radio community.

Multiple programs can communicate with OmniRig at the same time, allowing each program to Get and Set the Frequency and/or Mode.

Download here:  OmniRigSync

MD5: bf1ebc822d000038d461dc8eaa4760f2

> CailcoCAT plugin for SDR# <

This plugin makes SDR# (SDRSharp) appear to other programs as a transceiver, specifically it emulates a Kenwood TS-2000.

3rd-party plugins can control SDR# Frequency and/or Mode.

Control your SDR# from WSJT-X , HDSDR and others…

Use a virtual serial port like com0com , be sure the com ports you create begin with COM or com.

Download here: CalicoCAT

MD5: 429cb0cc4b9b49483c281184c30c306e

Download Quickstart Guide:  QuickStart guide by N2VFL

Note:  CalicoCAT does not control rigs, it makes SDR# act like a rig